Eindhoven Activities



Meeting in Eindhoven

The meeting is in Eindhoven has as its main purpose to clarify the steps that should be taken in workpackage 2, and agree a common methodology for proceeding in workpackage 3.

Moreover, Barcelona is going to present its proposal consisting in implement the innovative solutions in some selected libraries of the city. The final choice it is going to be done depending on the innovations exposed, aligning them with the requirements of each library building.

Besides, its going to be explained which enterprises are going to take part of the project in Barcelona and how the selection of the final ones that will participate in the project has been done.

There are some terms that need to be accurate. For instance, the definition of innovation must be agreed between the three cities, because on that depends the solutions that will be able to participate in the project.

On the other hand, it is important to establish the participation conditions. It is a controversial topic, especially due to the crises, because a criterion is needed and it can’t be an economical one. Recall that one of the main purposes of SPEA is to provide opportunities to SMEs, and establishing a financial stability as a condition to participate is a way to build huge barriers for some potential participants.