Final Event. Conference and Workshop


The final event as workshop planned for the end of the SPEA project in Barcelona should not be seen as merely the exchange "final" of the project results. The aim is to use the final event as a "springboard" to promote the use (and application) of the results to improve the acquisition of innovation, which allows not only partner cities, but also to other cities to meet their challenges in energy efficient, innovative contracting models, innovative solutions and inclusion of SMEs as suppliers . This will be achieved by ensuring that:

• The topics considered especially with the exchange of experiences and lessons learned;

• Participants identify with the subject and the ability to learn from experience;

• The structure of the workshop will achieve the desired goal; what is the result of a PPI project experience in local administration?

The registrations for this event are open. Participation in this event is free of charge.

For more information - please contact the SPEA team.

Provisional agenda. PDF 225 KB