The SPEA project promotes the procurement of innovative solutions from inside the public entities. Due to the complexity of these innovative solutions, most of the private investors hold back when it comes to buy them, that is why SPEA project uses municipal buildings to encourage investors and boost the demand. Some of the reasons that hold back the buyers are exposed below, and a solution to cope with them is given. The project is compounded by a consortium of three cities: Eindhoven, Birmingham and Barcelona (project leader).

Reasons for promoting innovative public procurement:

Buyer’s Attitude: Little willingness of buyers to buy products which have not been previously tested and consolidated. That is little willingness of buyers to take risks.

Legal framework: Complexity of the legislation concerning the public procurement, and lack of knowledge about innovative public procurement procedures by the legal departments, including the delimitation of the evaluation criteria and legal evaluation scale, without having a clear identification of the purchase to be done.

Buyer's lack of knowledge of the existing trends in markets and the latest technologies as well as the drive for price efficiency as an overarching objective rather than any other criteria.

How to solve it?

A key factor to reduce risks in an innovative procurement and to remain attentive to the latest existing technologies is to develop a small pilot that allows learning from the process by both companies and governments, assessing the benefits and anticipating any problems in larger scale procurement.