Although SPEA was created for a specific and well-defined purpose, the project itself intends to go beyond it and achieve multiple objectives. Apart from its main goal, the project aims to influence the public institutions at a European level regarding the procurement of innovative solutions.

The main aim of Smart Procurement European Alliance (SPEA) is to implement a public procurement of innovative solutions in the area of energy efficiency in municipal buildings in the partner cities: Barcelona, Eindhoven and Birmingham. And increasing, thereby the demand for innovation in this field and enhancing innovation of public services in relation to the improvement in quality/efficiency of them, providing opportunities to SMEs to get involved in public procurement as direct beneficiary/client of a purchasing authority.

Other specific objectives of the project, also aligned with the programme objectives, are:

  • Improve the capacity of contracting authorities as well as SMEs regarding the procurement of innovation
  • Create buyers groups of innovative solutions
  • Build cooperation with other stakeholders at a local and European level.
  • Deliver recommendations to the EU regarding the barriers for developing a joint/coordinated procurement.
  • To raise awareness of the procurement results among policy makers

How will this be achieved?

This will be achieved by:

(1).The exchange of knowledge by public procurers in purchasing innovative solutions in the area of energy efficiency and renewable energies

(2).Identifying buyers groups

(3).Building capacities on the demand and the supply side (procurers and companies) 

(4).The design and deployment of a procurement process for these new solutions.